Niraakara and aakara

February 9, 2007

The first question Narendra ( Swami Vivekananda ) asked his guru Sri RamaKrishna Paramahamsa was “Have you seen God?”

The answer to this question bonded Narendra to Ramakrishna and became the world famous hindu movement culminating in his chicago address.

Even though Sri Ramakrishna answered Narendra “Yes, I have seen him, touched him, felt him just like I can see you, touch you and feel you”.

The above question – answer seems quite trivial as the saga of the master and student continues and narendra himself discovers the duality of an question. The actual and correct answer Sri Ramakrshina knew was that “He had seen but not yet seen“.

Confusing? This is a small glimpise of spirituality and logic does not seem to hold much water due to its TRUE or FALSE dimensions.

Lets cut back to real world and observe a few things. There are many “fan clubs” in every city of this country. They feel and see the matinee icons way of dressing, mannarisums etc and imitate to the core. These people need a VISIBLE FRONT who gradually start to continue even after the matinee idols demise as they are able to “see” their mataniee idols picture, mannarisums for many years to come without actually visiting a movie hall.

God is said to be omnipotent, available everywhere and in everything. There are few people on earth who can believe in the above statement 100% and take on from there. This is the highest form of Gnana and culmination of Bhakthi. All great saints know this truth and have attained the lord “without a form“.

There are other souls who take one extra step and add a form like Rama, Krishna, Shiva, Vishnu and worship. If these souls also can concentrate on these idols of respective deities, they too attain the common thread of the lord “with form“.

Our vedas, puranas have many many examples but ultimately they all have gone through a “formfull” to “Formless” bliss. Some have taken the direct shortcut to “formless” salvation.’

Ways may be different but the aim is the same.

We are celebrating the holy day of Sri Ramakrishnas avatara this month.

May the omnipotent in us bestow the good Gnana to reach him in respective ways.