Rob peter to Pay Paul

Recently our finanace minister Dear Yeidurappa and the CM Kumaraswamy went into tiffs announcing waiver of all loans to farmers, prohibition in state.

It is learnt that Yeddi had objected so much that he wanted to be out the finance portfolio immideatly. But, Kumaraswamy is learnt to have told him that he will mobilize the required funds for these pet projects with good human angle by selling all the illegally encroached lands in and around Bangalore.

The CM soon found out that this is not possible as litigation can take many years to complete a cycle. So, its raise the taxes to cover these follies again.

So let us hope that due to sucessfull prohibition all our folks go home sober, crime reduces and more importantly our farmers start paying up loans on time.


7 Responses to Rob peter to Pay Paul

  1. veenashiv says:

    Finally the blog is out. First let me congratulate for that.
    baad me comments. Eagerly waiting to shout out! 🙂

    Please visit Mukthabalaga also…!

  2. Vani says:

    Congratulations Mohan…

    Do you plan to make this a “Finance Funda” blog or something general?

    Keep the posts coming.

  3. M O H A N says:

    Welcome to veena and vani.

    Am blessed with intellect & happiness

    🙂 Yes veena you can shout at me….

    Definelty mukthabalaga is the spinal cord while this is a appendix of stray thoughts.

    Thanks vani – The finance funda will continue depending upon questions asked there. This is just stray thoughts which am planning to put down which otherwise would deminish from my cranium due to oldage


  4. Murali Partha says:

    Good for you Mohan! Look forward to reading you. BTW, do you have a finance background?

    It is a pity that Yedu thinks we might have a deficit that he needs to reduce by increasing taxes – although for “noble” intents like waiving farm loans and shorfall of liquor excise. All eminent economists were predicting that this year most states would have surplus budgets. But if a relatively better off state like Karnataka, thinks that even in this benign economic environment we will have a deficit then we have grossly underestimated the incompetency of Kumara, Yedu and their cohorts!

  5. M O H A N says:

    Thanks for your wishs Murali pls do visit. Yes, having worked in the capital markets , finance domain for some years.

    Today came the balancing statement from CM saying there will be no new taxes etc…. Think yedi raised the red flag so that his budget work becomes easy!!

  6. usha says:

    Congratulations Mohan 🙂

  7. M O H A N says:

    My thanks to you. Pls do give your comments.

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